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Why work with an interior designer?

In today’s racing world, an interior designer's help can be priceless, as she will give you the home you exactly want while saving you time, money and stress.

1, Interior designers save you money.

Yes, they do! The value you get from a decorator is real. First, they work with you to get it right the first time around, avoiding costly mistakes. They’ll make sure your furniture is the right color, size and comfort, and that the fabrics or materials will hold up to their intended use. They will also make sure your budget is respected, and will provide solutions to make the most of your design dollar. Decorators also have significant discounts on furniture, fabrics and accessories. Many designers will pass down those savings to you. Design fees vary. Some designers will gratuitously come to your home and give you a free estimate for their services, so you can compare pricing. They will also accept to come in and consult for an hour or two, if that is all you need.

2. Interior designers are in the business of design, not sales.

Unlike commissioned furniture sales staff, interior designers are compensated for their expertise. They have your best interest in mind. Their focus is to create the home you want, not to sell you the most expensive goods.

3. Interior designers save you time.

They do all the research, ordering, coordinating and installations for you. Their knowledge and experience lets them achieve in a short amount of time what would take homeowners months (or years!) to achieve if they worked alone.

4. Interior designers save you stress. They will handle any issue with the products or conflicts with vendors. They will provide effective solutions to your design challenges (and maybe reconcile you with your spouse as well :-)

5. Interior designers give you access to exclusive products. Via to-the-trade only showrooms and vendors. So your home is truly unique.

6. Interior designers listen carefully, advise and guide you thoughtfully to make your home one that will bring you joy everyday.

7. An interior designer endorsed by the ASID follows a strict code of ethics and is the assurance of experience, professionalism and a job beautifully done.

Yours in design,




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