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One of Bagatelle Interiors' recent projects was to transform a tired living room in Montclair, NJ, into a bold statement that reflected the client's love for art and design.

The clients, a French-American couple of exquisite taste, already had gorgeous pieces of art and furniture. The goal was to refresh the tired upholstery, add a substantial amount of bold colors, and bring out the beauty of the existing

art and furnishings while respecting the client's budget.

During the initial visit to their home, we discussed their ideas, vision and budget. A proposal was submitted and approved, and we quickly moved on to the creative side of things.

The client was thrilled with the results!

How was it done? Design story below!


Phase 1: Determining the scope of work and establishing an estimate. This specific project called for re-designing the LR/DR area with impactful colors while keeping most of the existing furniture and artwork. Below: two chairs and a sofa before re-upholstery.


Phase 2: looking for the perfect colors and materials at the client's home (below, right), and Below, left: finding the perfect double piping at the D&D building in NYC.


Phase 3, Left: Figuring out the placement of pattern repeats on the chairs. I am forever grateful to our upholsterer Hadrien who saved the day when we found out that the actual pattern layout did not correspond to the manufacturer's catalog. 40 years of experience are priceless!


Phase 4: Quality check at the workroom before delivery. Right: Custom

overfilled down cushions in a stunning

French taffeta. Size, loft, resilience, style and finished details are perfect!


Phase 5: Installation at the client's home. Below: The Masterpiece! The difference the new upholstery makes is quite breathtaking. The clients were thrilled! I must say I am particularly proud of these chairs.


Final installation, and Voilà! New chairs, a new sofa, new paint color, refinished fireplace and built-ins, and new artwork arrangement = one very happy client and one very proud designer!



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